April 11th
Granny's New Beau       by Michael Mondl
Granny's been seeing a hot young gigilo. When he suddenly turns up dead, family scandals and secrets are revealed and all evidence points to one of the Grantham family members as the prime suspect. It seems Granny wasn't the only Grantham woman who enjoyed his company... Join us for a delicious dinner while you help solve the crime and figure out who dunnit!
Pamela Marks


Jessica Vradenburg
Jim Olmstead
Jan Riedmueller
Doreen Herren
Jeremy Kelly
Hope Holmes

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Welcome! My name is Pam Marks and I created Tableside Theater with the hopes of bringing Theater to new places. I have an affection for community theater that started over 20 years ago and I’m excited about watching our community embrace the arts. I am fortunate to have many talented friends who write, act, direct, and are passionate about sharing their love of the stage, wherever that stage may be.

My husband Darryl and I owned and operated a restaurant just off Melrose in Los Angeles where we were proud to offer music, art exhibits, mystery dinner theater and various other forms of entertainment. We welcomed the talent because we delighted in being able to offer our diners a complete evening of entertainment while supporting local artist and up and coming talent . We also provided food for the nearby studios, feeding casts and crews.

Our scripts are a combination of locally written plays by a talented team of authors and nationally recoginized scripts that fit flexibility when it comes to staging. We rehearse in our own studio and turn around time from idea to performance can be in a matter of days. This way we keep fresh and current material in front of our audience. Our talented, creative writing team works in a fun, energetic atmosphere with an equally talented group of actors where improvisation is a very natural part of our process. We embrace our audience and even occasionally pull them into the act.

Thank you for visiting our website and I hope to see you at our next tableside theater!

Attention Restaurant Patrons:

If you have a favorite eating establishment that you think might be a great place for the Tableside Players - please contact us and let us know!

Attention Restaurant Owners and Event Planners:

Tableside Theater has several shows ready for your guest to enjoy. We can also personalize a script for your venue or special occasion..

Whether you're interested in bringing in new clients, marketing an added feature, entertaining for a special celebration or adding an element of surprise to a charitable event, Tableside Theater wants to be a part of making the experience a memorable one for you and your guests. I would love to visit with you about what we bring to the table, so please let me hear from you .

Popular vacation spots such as Las Vegas, Destin, Branson, Anaheim, and Los Angeles have seen the emergence of dinner theaters in recent years - when you support Tableside Theater you are helping to bring this art form to Northwest Arkansas.